German Association on Ellipsometry (AKE)

German Association on Ellipsometry - Organizer of the „Workshop Ellipsometry"

The „Arbeitskreis Ellipsometrie (AKE) - Paul Drude e. V." was founded by the Working Group Ellipsometry, which was initiated by Prof. Dr. Achim Lunk (Universität Stuttgart) and Dr. Uwe Beck (BAM Berlin) as a coalition of interested scientists. These scientists also prepared the 1st Workshop Ellipsometry at the University of Stuttgart in 2000. This was the starting point for a series of fruitful workshops.

Founding members of the AKE (2005)

The interest in the workshops and the positive scientific was continuously increasing, such that the Working Group Ellipsometry decided to found the registered association (e.V.) „Arbeitskreis Ellipsometrie (AKE) Pauld Drude e.V." on September 27, 2005. The association aims at the promotion of science, in particular of ellipsometry and related methods. The association is located in Germany but membership is open to any interested party throughout Europe or abroad.

The „Workshop Ellipsometry" is organized in average every 2 years. Low conference fees shall particularly encourage the participation of young scientists. In general, the discussion of results is facilitated. According to the workshop character, all conference documents are provided as „Book of Abstracts" and as conference-CD containing presentations and posters. There are oral presentations and posters, as well as an industrial exhibition. Since 2006 the conference language is English in order to account for the increasing number of international participants.

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