Ellipsometry is an optical reflection or transmission experiment using polarized light in which the change of polarization due to interaction with the object of interest is measured. The separate consideration of orthogonal polarization eigenmodes provides amplitude- and phase information (the so called ellipsometric angles Ψ and Δ or more general the Mueller matrix elements). By numerical inversion of the measured data or by means of transfer-matrix based models including parameterized model functions, the following properties of materials, layers or even layer stacks can be obtained from the experimental data:

  • Layer thickness
  • Optical constants,
    • Complex refractive index (real part n and extinction coefficient k), or
    • Complex dielectric functions (real ε1 and imaginary part ε2)
  • Electronic properties (Interband transitions, excitons, polaritons)
  • Free-charge-carrier properties (plasmons)
  • Lattice vibrations (phonons)
  • Surface and interface properties (roughness, gradients, adsorbates, ...)
  • Orientation of optical axes and birefringence in anisotrpe samples


The portfolio of modern applications is (almost) unlimited. Examples are:

  • Anorganics and organics
  • Metals, semiconductors, insolators (dielectrics), multiferroics, graphene
  • Isotropic and anisotropic (uniaxial or biaxial) materials
  • In-situ process control
  • Lithography
  • 3D-structures


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Schematic setup of ellipsometry. (*only one element is mandatory)


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